Video Tutorial: Refine Your Ontology with Project Preview

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What we will cover

Learn to use Alegion's project preview feature to quickly pre-flight your video annotation ontology and validate the annotation result json.



Video Transcript

Ontology preview is a great way to speed up your project setup. 

A project ontology can be changed at any time. You can add or remove entities, change localization types, classifications or associations.

However, once you start to annotate a record, it is bound to the current version of the ontology and won’t reflect ontology changes made from that point forward.

This is where preview comes in. As you make adjustments to your project ontology, and want to test the results, just use preview instead of opening a record to annotate.

It’s faster, and also allows you to preview the json output as you make changes.

Let’s look at a quick example.

For my retail security project I want to change a multiple selection classification for shopping item type to a single selection, and add a new entity type for personal item.

First let's make the changes to our ontology.

I’ll change the multiple select to a single and add a new entity. 

Here’s where preview comes in. Instead of opening a record, I’ll open preview. Select the video asset I want to use, and test my changes. 

Not only can I preflight the task design as an annotator would see it, but I can also validate that the json results match my expectations.

If I keep preview open in a separate window, it will refresh and allow me to test new changes as I save them in the ontology editor.

It’s that simple to get your projects ready for production faster.

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