Video Tutorial: Streamline Complex Video Annotation Tasks with Search and Filter

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What we will cover

Learn to use Alegion's search and filter feature in video annotation to increase efficiency and quality in projects with dense or complex annotation.



Video Transcript

Entity search is a great way to save time, particularly for use cases with dense annotation.

Some use cases can have hundreds of labeled entities, in dozens of different classes. Annotation, and review, can be faster and easier if you can filter your view to a specific entity.

That’s exactly what entity search does.

In this use case, I have the boxers localized with bounding boxes and skeletal keypoints. While show and hide are effective ways to reduce the view, entity search can be even more effective.

Let say I want to quickly review all of the keypoints for eyes, I can quickly search and filter by entity name. Now I have just those entities and their keyframes in view. Using show and hide, I can further reduce the view to show just those entities in the video. Now I can more easily focus on this left eye which is marked out of frame.

In another retail use case, I have a large number of shopping items, and the annotator has assigned them screen names to make them easy to identify. Search also filters based on screen name. This freeform text also provides an easy way to tag entities for review. 

Compound searches are also supported.

Like keyframe navigation, time based display, and thumbnail views, search is another capability that helps Alegion Video annotation scale to the most complex video annotation projects.

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