Video troubleshooting steps

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If you are experiencing difficulty with videos we recommend the following steps:

  1. Before attempting to fix any issues that are identified it is highly recommended you backup original copies of all your assets.
  2. Run the Alegion Video Validator on the assets to check for consistent frame rate, no missing frames, bitrate less than or equal to 1 Mbps, and no encoding errors. Any flagged asset should be fixed prior to asset upload.
  3. If the asset passes the Alegion Video Validator and is successfully uploaded in the Assets panel of Alegion Control, check the Preview in the Assets panel. If the asset fails to play, this is often indicative of conversion or compression issues with the asset itself and may require Support assistance.
  4. If the asset successfully passes the steps above, drop the file in a browser to check that the video plays. If it does not, this is a strong indicator that the video or audio track on the video is not HTML 5 compliant.
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