Why does my annotation results contain duplicate or missing frames?

The asset may have a variable frame rate. At the point where the video frame rate is lower than the Frames Per Second value provided at asset upload, frames could be duplicated. Conversely, frame rates are higher than the Frames Per Second value provided, it could result in missing frames.

Before uploading an asset, it is recommended that you use the Alegion Video Validator to determine if an asset has a variable frame rate and if so convert the asset to a fixed frame rate.

If a record has already been created from an asset with a variable frame rate, follow these steps:

  1. Archive the record.
  2. Convert the asset's variable frame rate to a fixed rate (e.g. using a tool like FFmpeg).
  3. Check the asset's fixed frame rate using the Alegion Video Validator.
  4. Once validated, upload the asset.
  5. Create a new record from that asset.
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