Ontology Overview

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A project's ontology is the collection of configurations and settings that change what options will be available to workers when annotating records within the project. In this collection of articles, we will explain how to configure the task settings for entity labels, classifications, and associations for an annotation project.

Navigating to the Ontology Panel

Once you have successfully signed in to the Alegion Control portal, select "Projects" in the left sidebar. Now you must create a new project, or select an existing project for which you would like to modify the ontology. Once the desired project has been selected, you should be presented with a number of tabs under the project name, one of which should be "Ontology". Selecting this tab should cause the ontology panel to appear. 


Ontology Components

There are multiple components of a project's ontology. Some of these components are required to allow for annotation, while others are optional. Each of these components has its own dedicated article that will explain its proper configuration in detail. Please take a look at the following list to find direct links to these articles.

  • Annotation Instructions
  • Entity Configuration
  • Classification Configuration
  • Entity Type Associations
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