Configuring the task ontology

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What we'll cover

How to configure the task settings for entity labels, classifications, and associations for an annotation project.

Navigating to the Ontology panel

  1. In the left sidebar click "Projects" and then click "Ontology". The Ontology panel will appear.Project_Ontology.png

Adding Entity Types

  1. From the Ontology panel click "+ Add an entity type".Entity_type_selection.png
  2. The "Adding Entity Type" panel will pop-up.Add_Entity_Type.png
  3. In the "Basic Info" section use the "Name" and "Description" text boxes to designate a name and description for the desired entity respectively.Name_and_Description.png
  4. In the "Localization" section use the "Type" drop-down box to select either "Bounding Box" or "Keypoint" as the localization.Localization.png
  5. If no Classification is required click "Done". If a Classification is required continue to step 6.
  6. To add a new Classification click "+ Add a new classification".Add_a_classification.png
  7. The "Adding Classification panel will pop-out.Adding_Classification_panel.png
  8. In the "Basic Info" section designate a "Name" and "Description" for the Classification respectively. Classification_Name.png
  9. Use the "Type" select box to select between Single Selections, Multiple Selection, or Text Input.Classification_Type.png
  10. In the "Values" section select whether or not the Classification has a default value. (Note: Utilizing default value can increase task efficiency but may introduce annotator bias.)Default_Value.png
  11. In the "Values" section the first Classifcation is created with the default value name "Value 1". Click "Rename" to rename this value to something appropriate for your project.Default_Value_1.png
  12. To add additional Values click "+ Add new value" and rename the default value name to something appropriate for your project.Add_new_value.png
  13. Using this same process add as many values as is required for your project. When you have added all required value click "Done".Done.png

Adding Entity Type Associations

(Note: At least two Entity Types must exist before you can create an Entity Type Association)

  1. Click "+ Add an association" to the right or below "Entity Type Associations".Add_Association.png
  2. The "Adding Entity Type Association" pop-up panel will appear.Adding_Association_panel.png
  3. In the "Basic Info' section designate a Name and Description appropriate for your Entity Type Association.Association_Name_and_Description.png
  4. In the "Connections" section use the pull-down field to select the entity type that is the source of the association. Connection.png
  5. In the "Target" section click "+ Add an entity type". Target_add_entity_type.png
  6. Select the appropriate Target from the pull-down list for your Entity Type Association. Target_Selection.png
  7. Click "Done" to complete the creation of an Entity Type Association.Entity_Type_Association_Done.png
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