Saving and submitting tasks

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What we'll cover

How to save and submit a completed task in the annotator portal.

Navigating to the "Save" and "Submit" buttons

At the right side of the task, you will see a task action panel to help you save, save & exit, submit, discard or report issues.


Task action panel

Saving a task

  • You may save your progress to preserve the latest changes you have made. 
  • You can find the “SAVE” button on the right side of the task
  • You will also be informed of the time you last saved your progress. 
  • The task will also have an auto-save feature to automatically help you save your progress. This generally happens each time you make changes.


Save button

Save and exit a task

  • You may also click on “SAVE & EXIT” if you wish to stop working at the task. 
  • You can find the “SAVE & EXIT” button on the right side of the task, just below the “SAVE” button.
  • You will be redirected to the main worker dashboard but do not worry, the task has been saved so you can re-enter the task and continue work at a later time.


Save & Exit button

Submitting a task

  • You may click the “SUBMIT” button to submit the task when you have completed all the annotations.
  • Please ensure that you have checked your latest changes and all annotations are intact, including labels before you submit. 
  • Once you click “SUBMITyou will be unable to view the task again.
  • You will see a loading page before you are redirected to the next task or to the worker dashboard, depending on the task.


Discarding a task

  • You may discard the task if you wish to cancel. 
  • Click on Discard Work to cancel the task, and it will redirect you to the worker dashboard. 
  • All progress will be reset and lost when you discard work. Please make sure you do not click on it accidentally.


Discard Work button




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