Asset Upload System

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The Asset Upload System is the preferred way for users to upload their data into the Alegion ecosystem. This upload system is internal to Alegion and removes the need to transfer data through third-party file hosting and sharing services, or alternatively, the physical transfer of data via a hard disk drive.

Accessing the Asset Upload System

Alegion Control

To access this feature, you must navigate to Alegion Control and sign in with your Alegion account credentials. If you are unfamiliar with Alegion Control or would like more information on its features, please review our dedicated resources on it here.

Assets Tab

Once you have logged in to the Alegion Portal you should be greeted with a number of tabs. The specific options available to you will depend on your individual needs and licenses. To upload your assets there are two places from which you can do so. If you are a Control user rather than a Managed Platform customer, and the assets being uploaded are specifically for use as records within a preexisting project, you may use the Projects tab to upload assets and instantly associate them as records with the selected project. If you would like to learn more about this added functionality, please read more on it here. However, for this article, we will be focusing on the Assets tab which is accessible for all user types. Once you have selected the Assets tab you will be greeted with the user interface for this task.


Asset Selection

To choose the files(s) you would like to upload, first select the Add Assets option which will bring up the Add Assets panel.


Using the Asset Upload System

First, click the Asset type dropdown box to select either Image or Video depending on your source material. Next, determine whether you would like to import your files by direct file upload or via a properly formatted CSV file. 


CSV Upload

This option is best if the desired files are stored online and are publicly accessible via web links. For files that are stored locally on the machine from which you are accessing the Alegion Portal, please refer to the Direct File Upload section. For this option to work you must prepare a CSV file for the Add Assets panel to parse. The formatting of the file is simple, for each file paste the URL where it can be accessed on a new line. At the end of the URL add a comma and a name for the asset. An example template can be found here.


Direct File Upload

This option is best if the desired files are stored locally on the device from which you are accessing the Alegion Portal. For files that are publicly accessible via the web, please refer to the CSV Upload section. After selecting direct file upload, either drag and drop the file(s) that you would like to upload from a separate file manager window, or click the select files hyperlink to open a dedicated file manager window for selecting your files. As you select your files, they will automatically begin uploading. 


Upload Process

The duration of this process will vary depending on your network’s speed and the size of the file(s) being uploaded. However, a progress bar will appear next to each file under the status column giving you detailed information on the file’s upload status. A full key of possible status types can be seen below. If a file has been successfully uploaded, the status column will display Uploaded. If you are working with video files and your files require validation, please visit this article for information on how to complete this task. Once you have finished choosing the files you would like to upload, select the “Finalize” button in the user interface to complete your selection and begin the upload process.





The asset is in the process of uploading.

Upload Error

Something went wrong with the upload.  There is no automatic recovery, you will need to try again.

Pending Pre-Processing

The video asset needs preprocessing, but it hasn't started yet.


The video asset is currently preprocessing.

Recovering Pre-Processing

Preprocessing stalled somehow and we are trying again - this should be extremely rare.


There is nothing left to do before this asset could be annotated by creating an Input Record.

Next Steps

At this point, your assets have been uploaded. If you are one of our Managed users, and Alegion will be completing the annotation work for you, please contact your Alegion representative and notify them that the assets are ready for annotation and we will take it from here. If you are a Control user and will be using our platform to complete the annotations yourself, please refer to the following resources for more information on what to do with your uploaded assets.

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