Creating a record

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What Is It

Creating a record is the process of taking an asset (an image or video) and linking it to a project thus allowing the asset to be annotated. To create a record, you must first have created a project and have uploaded one or more assets. You may have already uploaded assets via the method covered in our Adding Assets tutorial. However, if you have yet to do so, there is a new way to upload assets directly from the Project View and immediately mark them as records within the selected project.


Where Is It

Records live under the Projects tab in Alegion Control. To navigate there, simply visit Alegion Control and sign in using the correct credentials.


Verify that the Projects tab is selected and then open the project you would like to add records to by clicking on it.


Verify that the Records portion of the project is selected. 



How to Use It

Selecting “Create records” from either of the two locations on the screen will bring up the record creation wizard. This wizard will present you with two options. Selecting “Create records from existing assets.” will allow you to either use previously uploaded assets from either the Assets tab, or assets that had previously been uploaded for use with other projects. Selecting “Create records by uploading assets.” will bring up an asset upload wizard. For more instructions on how to navigate this portion of the wizard, please visit the dedicated resource on Adding Assets. The only difference will be that at the conclusion of the upload process, the assets will be immediately marked as records within the current project. It is important to note that even though these assets will be records for the current project, they will still be manageable from the Assets tab within Alegion Control and can still be used in other projects if desired. In other words the assets will not become bound/locked to the current project.


What Next?

At this point, you have created a project, uploaded assets, and created records. All that remains before the records can be annotated is to create your ontology. Please visit our resources on ontology creation here.

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