Introduction to the Alegion Platform

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Alegion is the enterprise-grade data annotation platform fit for the most exacting use cases in machine learning. We pair optimized user interfaces for labeling with proprietary quality systems, including integrated ML, to consistently meet demanding accuracy requirements at scale.

Platform Solutions

The Alegion platform can be used in a self-serve or a fully managed offering. 

Alegion Control is an industry-leading video annotation platform where you can self-manage every aspect of your annotation project from ontology definition to exporting data. It's perfect for data science teams looking for the speed, tooling, flexibility, and quality they need to quickly annotate their video data. You can sign up for a trial at

The Alegion Managed Platform contains advanced workflow capabilities not available in Control and includes our professional service expertise for ongoing setup and configuration. It's ideal for advanced use cases and/or for teams who need to offload annotation management and tasks to a trusted partner. 

Managed Platform Quick Start

Throughout the support site, articles will be marked to denote whether they apply to Control (self-serve) or Managed (full-serve) or both. 

The articles below will give you a quick understanding of the Alegion platform and capabilities available in managed solutions.


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