Compound/general tasks in Managed Platform

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Compound/General Tasks


Alegion is well-suited for a vast variety of general purpose tasks, thanks to a composable task design system that supports:

  • exclusive pick lists (e.g. radio buttons)
  • multi-select pick lists (e.g. checkboxes)
  • video and audio players
  • free text entry

Furthermore, our task designs support linking multiple form controls with conditional logic. This allows your nuanced business or domain rules to be encoded into choices available to the labeller, in turn speeding up complex tasks by simplifying the user interface.

The layout of compound tasks is flexible without being chaotic. Controls conform to a grid that is responsive to device width, but you can tailor the task design to your specific needs and users.

Finally, these form elements can be combined with the special-purpose tasks (video, image, NER) in order to capture information beyond what those interfaces include (e.g. free-form text descriptons of a scene).


Fields in input records for this type of task are determined by the controls used, and the fieldnames may also differ in various stages of a multi-stage workflow. Simply match your input record fieldnames and data types to those expected by the task design. (Note that fieldnames must be unique within a workflow.)


Unlike images, videos, and text documents, where only metadata like the asset's URL is stored in Alegion, input data for compound/general tasks is part of the input record.

In cases where general task types are added to a special-purpose interface (video, image, NER), the digital assets remain separate.

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