Entity Configuration

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Configuring a project's entities is what enables the annotators to do their work. If a project lacks configured entities, there will not be any tools available to the annotator. To learn more about the different entity types and their functions, please visit the dedicated resource on it here. The following sections will break down all of the individual configurations that can be made when setting up the entities you would like to be annotated on the assets in your project. 

Adding Entity Types

Once you have reached the Ontology tab for the project in question,  click the + Add an entity type hyperlink. You may either use the link next to the Entity Types header or the hyperlink present within the table list of your existing entity types (which should be empty if this is a new project). Once you have done so, the Adding Entity Type panel will pop up.


Basic Info

The first subsection of the Adding Entity Type pop-up is Basic Info and is relatively straightforward.


The Name field is used to designate a unique name for the desired entity. The Name field is required.


The Description field is used to designate a unique name for the desired entity. The Description field is optional.



The second sub-section of the Adding Entity Type pop-up is the first portion where the changes you make affect what tools will be presented to the annotator. It also contains the only other required field from the Adding Entity Type pop-up; Type alongside the required Name field from the Basic Info subsection.


Use the Type drop-down box to select one of the four available entity types; Bounding Box, Keypoint, Polygon, or Polyline. To learn more about the entity types and the differences between them, please review this article.


At this point, if no classification options are required for the entity in question, click the Done button to complete the creation of your entity. However, if classification options are needed, or you would like to learn more about classifications, continue to the next article.

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