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Welcome to the Alegion Inc. official support site! Whether you are a managed service customer, a self-service customer, or one of our internal annotators, this collection of helpful resources should contain all of the information necessary for you to successfully interact with the Alegion Platform. Take some time to browse through the articles, even experienced users may find helpful tips and new features they weren't previously aware of. The content contained here is updated frequently and new materials are always being added, check the Changelog for a complete list of all of our newest enhancements.



The header ribbon of the support site contains a list of our top-level categories. These categories are made up of relevant sections and the various articles within them. Click through the category names to select your desired option.

Sections & Articles

Once you have selected a category, the category's sections and articles will be displayed via a scrollable list of hyperlinks on the left-hand side of your screen. This should enable you to quickly navigate between all materials within the category.

Sequential Buttons

Each article will also feature "Next article" and "Previous article" buttons at the bottom of the page that allow you to cycle sequentially through the articles.

Table of Contents

Some articles will also contain an embedded table of contents at the top formatted as "In This Article". This table of contents is made up of hyperlinks that can take you directly to specific headers throughout the article.

Support Tickets

Once you have read through the documentation, if you still require assistance or have located an inaccuracy with the documentation, please create a support ticket by clicking the "Submit a request" link either at the top right of the support site or at the end of an article.

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The bottom of every page contains clickable icons that will lead you to all of our various social media channels.

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